To assure the self-determined
high-quality of our products, we verify
materials, parts and subassemblies throughout the complete manufacturing
process, up until the motor is complete.

Sample Availability & Policy
We provide standard-version samples free of charge within one week to 10 days. Tailor-made samples are subject to raw material availability.

Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions
1. A QA system you can examine.
2. Obligations to quality-conscious processing of projects & orders.
3. Evaluation of suppliers & supplies.
4. Customer access to test documentation.
5. Flexible test systems to match requirements.
6. Calibrated test and measurement equipment.

Export/Import Processing Support
We provide GPC (Form A)/C.O. or certificate of non-manipulation on request.

After Sales Service
We contact or visit customers on a monthly basis to ensure 100% satisfaction.