To assure the self-determined
high-quality of our products, we verify
materials, parts and subassemblies throughout the complete manufacturing
process, up until the motor is complete.

Management has been described as "The art of getting things done through people." Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the efforts of organization members, and of using all other organizational resources, to achieve stated organizational goals. Through continuously promoting quality, we have adopted 14 points for our management team:

1.Plan for the long-term future, not for the next month or year.
2.Never be complacent concerning quality.
3.Establish statistical control during the production process, and ask our suppliers to do so accordingly.
4.Deal with the least possible number of suppliers - select from the top of the qualified.
5.Find out whether our problems are confined to particular parts of the production process.
6.Train workers for the job that they are supposed to perform
7.Raise the quality of line supervisors.
8.Drive out fear.
9.Encourage departments to work together closely - team spirit, rather than individual distinction.
10.Avoid adopting strictly numerical goals, including the popular formula of "Zero Defect."
11.Require every worker to do quality work, and not just rely on quality controllers.
12.Train workers as much as possible to understand quality methods.
13.Train workers in new skills as the need arises.
14.Make key personnel responsible at their station.